Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My Meditation Spree

Mridula Chaudhari
Meditation has always intrigued me. I am not quite sure, even today, what actually transpires in a person while meditating. Meditation has known to have freed people of their problems. But I feel there could be only two ways of freeing oneself of problems. One is, during meditating, you think so hard about the problem that you get a solution and arrive at a eureka moment. The other could be that you are actually forgetting the problem for some time or trying to forget it. But when you are back to normal life, the problem still stares at you in your face. So the best way to tackle a problem, according to me is to take the bull by the horn and defeat it with your tact and might.

But the other day, I was actually sitting in front of a guru, who was taking us on a ‘Meditation spree’!

He made us think of a real life situation for which we were guilty. He wanted us to relive that situation and slowly erase it out of our system and forget about it completely. I was thoroughly impressed about the whole idea of cleansing our minds this way.

Such a situation is certainly part and parcel of everyone’s life. Something we are guilty of. It could be a small condition of refusing to lend a pencil to a stranger which keeps pricking our minds or stamping foot of a friend while we were children. That particular event comes to our mind like an uninvited guest and we keep feeling guilty about it all over again. Do we really need to undergo such guilt pangs and keep making our life miserable?

The worst part is there is no undo button there. However much we may try to salvage but the situation cannot be altered. As if, it was destined to happen. Thus the only thing that can be altered is how to deal with it presently.

Or rather how we deal ourselves with. In our meditation session, we were asked to remove that experience from our minds altogether. Until then, I didn’t know, we could do that. Erase something from our memories forever, not naturally but by design. And bravo! Today if you ask me what did I erase? I am unable to tell you because that part of my guilt does not live inside me anymore.

I cannot thank the person who taught me this technique, enough. I thank myself too for carrying myself to that place in the wee hours of Saturday morning leaving my warm bed and experiencing such an extraordinary event in my life.

That doesn’t mean that we should keep making mistakes, feel guilty about it and then go meditate. But the cleansing part of meditation was something that I was completely unaware of. But believe me, it works and it works wonders!! Try it to experience it!!!