Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life is meant for abundance

By - Mridula Chaudhari

Dictionary meaning of abundance is - a very large quantity of something. In life we can bring any kind of abundance and that depends on our mindset. Positive mind will bring abundant positive thoughts. If I am wearing a fresh perfume, I will feel good the whole day. My colleague too, on getting a whiff of that will certainly feel the brightness around. The particular scent may bring some memories to the mind too. Even the thought may help the mind to hum a song that will make the day for me and for my colleague.

Abundance is everywhere around us. It can start right in the morning and last until bedtime. Every day need not be a mundane routine of getting up and going to office and making a boring ritual of it. We can bring zing to every morning before leaving for work by making each day different. The day could start with a walk in the nearby garden while sniffing fresh air, it could be with a 10 minute pranayam, or listening to some music that we really like and never get time to listen. On other days it could be playing with the kids or with the pet or even making something different for breakfast. Breaking the monotony of getting up – getting ready – leaving for office can be worked out.

Evenings too can be made out to be better by sometimes stopping by the orphanage or an old age home and contributing to the inmates with whatever little we can. This gesture of kindness can bring joy, unimaginable to most of us. Visiting a nearby temple brings inner calm that we always try to find but never achieve. Having a chat with an old relative, calling up an old uncle or aunt or even a friend you may not have spoken for a long time can be very soothing.

There are innumerable treasures around us, but we don’t have the time to experience them. Flowers, birds, trees, people are the best treasures that we have been bestowed with. Financial and monetary wealth is not the only treasure but a lot beyond. If we really want to see the best around us, we need to find everything that brings gratitude in us. Practicing this simple way of ‘thanking’ can do wonders.  

Allow your heart to rule you, at least once in a day. I have a craving for that chocolate, I have been resisting since long only because it may add to my already overweight body. But no, today I have decided that I am going to buy it and eat it all by myself. The satisfaction that I derived out of eating that chocolate is immense.

Let’s ask ourselves today – “Am I living an abundant life?” If I am at peace with myself and my family, have strength of mind and purpose, do not have emptiness, do not hold grudges, am self motivated and have found meaning, then certainly I am living an abundant life. Are you??