Monday, September 11, 2017

Let's be proud of our children

Mridula Chaudhari
Undoubtedly women are an emotional breed. Tears trickle down their cheeks more often, though, of late, they have learnt to control their emotions quite well. Love and care run in their blood stream continuously. That must be the reason why God has entrusted with children’s care to women and not men. On first instance, a child also cries for his ‘Ma’ or ‘Mom’ more than his ‘Dad’ or ‘Paa’. A woman has always been taught to care for her child by her mom. For any small issue that she may face her mother has made her aware of how to deal with the situation.

What a young mother is never told is what happens when the child grows up. You can find umpteen number of books on teenage problems. Answers and solution to any teenage problem is available on the click of a button. So much so that a mother can preempt such problems and even is two steps ahead of her teenage child. She can make sure that no emergency arises and her child can come out of adolescent age unscathed.

What the young mother is never told or made aware of is, what happens when the children grow up. How to tackle the situation when the birds leave their nests to experience new pastures? How to come to terms with the situation of emptiness? How to change lifestyle to suit the new situation? How to remain busy while the children are too engrossed with their lives to think of their moms? How to make peace with thyself? How to bring joy to her life and open new opportunities for herself?

Yes, most moms find tackling this situation very difficult. But that’s the truth of life and one must accept this very gracefully. Keeping busy with our hobbies, learning new skills and keeping occupied helps overcome this feeling of loneliness. Though it does surface time and again but to overcome it is the art that one must learn.

Most importantly it is very important to realize that the children haven’t forgotten us, they are trying to cope with life without our support. They are trying to make a mark of their own and eventually make us proud. If this feeling is understood, feeling of depression will never be felt.